What we do in Totum


In the era of BIG DATA, where the protagonist is the creation of statistics and predictions, the answers and the reason for the facts are given by DEEP REAL DATA. We carefully identify and study this relevant information to improve processes and industrial transformation, so that they are more efficient and sustainable.   

The DEEP REAL DATA shows the reality of organizations, the foundations on which they are built and gives the strength to face the future solidly.



We are leaders in the identification and study of DEEP REAL DATA for the improvement of processes and industrial transformation.  





We create sustainability


The concept of Sustainability arises as a response to a new reality whose objective is to eliminate the inefficiencies of the chain, increasing the operational availability and efficiency of the assets.

In Totum we understand the Sustainability as the set of activities necessary to maintain and repair the units and associated equipment so that the correct operation is guaranteed when required: logistics, procurement, and provisioning, as well as the maintenance, production, and updating of their capacities throughout the Life Cycle.