We are leaders in the identification and study of DEEP REAL DATA for the improvement of processes and industrial transformation.





What hurts our customers?


The lack of control and vertigo that coincides with not knowing really what happens inside the company is the biggest concern of the majority of our clients:


  • Low production reliability
  • Asset life cycle without engineering follow-up by condition
  • Aging of industrial assets
  • Training not aligned with production needs
  • Breaks in the supply chain
  • Loss of information relevant to the chain
  • 25% of the industry has Software indicated for the department
  • 51% of companies use KPIs in their management systems
  • Insufficient internal process mapping
  • The OEE of companies is 63% on average
  • High associated costs
  • The average preventative/corrective relationship is 50%
  • Increase in the hiring of labor
  • Scarce power of negotiation with suppliers
  • Breach of delivery deadlines

What do we deliver to our clients?


We make the complicated, simple. Our teams work hand in hand with the members of the supply chain in search of DEEP REAL DATA, information that goes unnoticed but that marks the difference between success or failure.


  • Relevant and Reliable information
  • Standardization of processes
  • Sustainability of the supply chain
  • Information systems nourished with the essential and quality data in a complete and orderly manner
  • Reliability engineering
  • Cost control
  • Equipment optimization
  • Power of negotiation with suppliers
  • Improvement of cooperation between chain components

What are the results?


Focused on the increase of production, the sustainability of the supply chain and compliance with business strategies, we consider the recovery and study of DEEP REAL DATA essential for the fulfillment of the objectives.