To be aware of the problems that the maintenance team faces every day, we get involved with our customers accompanying the technical teams in the performance of their duties. Using this information we structure the department from the execution of simple tasks to the training of the maintenance managers so that the technical needs and the business strategy are aligned. Always acting on breakdowns or failures according to their criticality and planning.

Solutions in Conservation Maintenance

Conservation maintenance is intended to compensate for the deterioration of the equipment suffered by use, according to the conditions (physical or human) to which it has been subjected.


1. Corrective Conservation Maintenance

It is the type of maintenance that is performed on equipment or facilities when a fault or failure occurs.


  • Immediate corrective maintenance: It is the type of maintenance that is undertaken when the fault or failure appears and that has the means to undertake said repair available.
  • Deferred corrective maintenance: It is the maintenance that has to postpone repair after suffering a failure or breakdown due to not having the means or resources for the repair.

2. Preventative Conservation Maintenance


This type of maintenance is carried out to guarantee the reliability of the equipment in the operation before an accident or breakdown due to deterioration or wear can occur. 


  • Scheduled preventative maintenance: It is the maintenance that is carried out after the study of the program of revisions in the facilities or equipment to prevent breakdowns.
  • Preventive maintenance of opportunity: It is the one that takes advantage of periods of non-use due to short stops of equipment or installations to carry out repairs and guarantee operation.

3. Predictive Preventative Maintenance:

It is the maintenance that serves to forecast components in the future failure points so that they can be replaced before the breakdown occurs.


  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermography
  • Boroscopies
  • Laser alignment
  • Ultrasound analysis
  • Analysis of combustion fumes

4. Lubrication Preventative Maintenance:


A predictive lubrication plan for installed equipment will collect high-responsibility devices on which periodic oil analytical monitoring will be planned, to control the lubricant status to prevent possible mechanical failures.


  • Analysis of oils
  • Ferrography
  • Customized studies
  • Development of programs and ranges
  • Product Recommendation

Performance Maintenance:

Our engineering teams will carry out improvement studies on installed equipment that compensate for the technological obsolescence that they suffer, thus supplying the technical deficiencies of the machinery without the need for investments in exchange for equipment, with totally customized pieces and finishes of high accuracy. 


  • Parts design
  • 3D printing