Our work as experts in logistics is to offer different solutions to your warehouse problems to improve your operation and logistics management. Working together with internal teams, we will develop a warehouse design based on efficiency, profitability, automation, and optimization, achieving significant cost reductions for your company.

We offer accompaniment service

We put at your disposal specialized consultants who can assume responsibilities and train internal teams to perform functions of internal coordination to the organization.


    • Optimization of time and effectiveness
    • 5S methodology
    • Inventory studies
    • Establishment of processes
    • Definition of critical criteria
    • Implementation of KPIs
    • Work procedures
    • Accompaniment in the use of storage systems

We offer warehouse design service


We will collaborate with the staff and create a warehouse design that best suits the needs of your company providing alternatives that address the movements of the warehouse or distribution centers. Determining the levels of stock and valuing possibilities of outsourcing, we make concrete proposals for the development of customized projects so that our clients reach the following objectives:


    • Organization and improvement of the quantitative and qualitative performance of the Flow of materials
    • Data Audit
    • Reduction of fixed assets
    • Spare parts traceability
    • Stock rotation
    • Elimination of inventory breaks
    • Analysis of rotation and geometry of spare parts
    • Outsourcing studies
    • Material obsolescence plan
    • Customized fitting solutions
    • Kamban Storage Methodology